Workshops and Counseling Programs

Couples Counseling Introductory Program: 4-week series

four 50-minute Private Couple COUNSELING Sessions (educational PORTION PLUS processing portion) Scheduled by request

Rekindle, reconnect, and revitalize your relationship! Offered as an introduction to couples counseling, this series focuses on education and the application of the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) principles, based on Dr. Sue Johnson's, Hold Me Tight program.  During the educational portion, you'll be introduced to the basics of EFT and begin learning to recognize the unhealthy interactions between the two of you (your cycle). You'll be given tools to use the EFT process to enhance your relationship connection. 

The processing portion provides the opportunity during the session for you to practice your new-found understanding with your partner so you can carry these tools forward into everyday living. Book and workbook included.

A Personal Journey Through Grief: 4-week series

4-weeks of private 50-minute SessionS
Scheduled by request

You may find yourself not wanting to talk about your loss. Yet, you also may feel bottled-up, or like you're a robot without your loved one, barely going through the motions of daily living. Through the use of imagery and abstract painting you'll process your very personal grief experience in a confidential, compassionate space. All materials included. No art experience necessary.

Pause the Juggling and Let Yourself Play!

2-HOUR Small-group WORKSHOP

Our lives are consumed by work, school, family, friends, and personal expectations. All are healthy and important aspects of our lives, yet at times we can feel overwhelmed by the pace, the number of tasks, or the relationships we are trying to juggle. Join us for this unique workshop using abstract painting to provide a creative way to take a break from the pace. All materials included. No art experience necessary.

Whole Brain Decision-Making

2-HOUR Small-group WORKSHOP

Join us for this 2-hour, small-group workshop that offers a new way to approach problems! Be introduced to a creative, image-based process that invites both your left and right brain to contribute to your decision-making ability. All materials included. No art experience necessary.