Grief and Loss

The sadness, confusion, and loneliness following the death of a loved one, can leave you feeling isolated, and for a time, not understood. During our work together, I meet you with private, compassionate support that encourages the expression of your grief. I hold your experience with the understanding that your personal process will unfold, in it’s own unique way.

In addition to individual sessions, and as an alternative to talk therapy only, I offer a series of expressive arts workshops as a way to assist you in working through difficult feelings in a safe, confidential, and supportive group setting.

Expressing your thoughts and emotions, without expecting to explain them with words, allows you to acknowledge your feelings. Expressive arts can be the vehicle for you to honor the ongoing connection you seek to maintain with your departed loved one.

For many indigenous people, there is no separation among the arts, culture, and healing because they are interwoven into the very fabric of life.