The Reluctant Partner

You feels it's time to seek professional guidance. Your partner may feel reluctant and have thoughts like, 'airing our dirty laundry is no one's business, I'll feel blamed and ganged-up on,' or she/he may propose a compromise like, 'how about you go and then tell me what we're supposed to do.'

Your Relationship is the Client

Though one person might be deemed the reluctant partner, my goal is to answer the concerns that may be keeping either one of you from coming in. With couple’s issues, having both people become involved in the therapy process allows for untangling and repairing of the issues as partners. As a systems-oriented therapist, rather than one of you being seen as the ‘bad-guy/bad-gal’, I dispel negative, often one-sided, assumptions and promote that our work revolves around your relationship as the client. 

My style is to gently open the pathways for more authentic expression. As you each become more emotionally available to your partner and notice the shifts toward healthier interactions, you begin to
feel that your partner is your 'safe haven' and they yours.